Exclusive Products


Ample Lash Essence

Provides ample nutrition for weakened eyelashes due to frequent use of mascara and heated eyelash curler. COPPER-TRIPEPTIDE ingredients helps growing of your natural eyelashes.


Long Lasting Coating

This perfectly coats mascaraed and extended eyelashes. Transparent and thin coating film make your eye makeup last for a long time. High-functional film former makes your eyelashes curl up at a quick drying time.


Eyelash Foam Cleanser

Special formula with active ingredients effectively removes makeup and dirt from natural and/or extended eyelashes without any damaging. Regular usage of foam cleanser enhances health of natural eyelashes by deep cleansing eyelash follicles. PARABEN free and no irritation.

glamourous mascara

Glamourous Mascara

It makes eyelashes double volume up without smudging. Pro-Vitamin B5 functions conditioning and protection to your lashes.


Magic Black Coating

Prolong the life of extension. Protect eyelashes of any dirt and damage. Gives a jet black glossy sheen to your lashes.

lip and eye removal

Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

Water type miraculous make up remover gently whisks away all types of make up without any irritation.


Makeup Remover Pads

One step cleansing treatment specially designed to remove makeup or cosmetic on your eyelashes. All skin type formula and non-alcohol base.


Cell-Illuminate Eye Cream

This eye cream solution satisfied strong desire to boast of your younger eyes and will recover the elasticity and confident beauty of your eyes. Supply rich moisture and Vitamin A, C, and E brightens the skin around eyes.

rich gold essence

Rich Gold Essence

Definitely, it can fulfill your wish for charm and will provide the essential to your damaged eyelash from environment and frequent eyelash extensions.

Exclusive Products

Pen Type Eyeliner

Pen Type Eyeliner

This keep eye liner clear all day without smudging. It offers real deep black color which creates gorgeous look. Usable as Black Eyelash Coating with Polymer ingredient.


Vivid Eyeliner

It makes eye line clear while creating thin film on the eye area. Very soft and silky texture. Usable as temporary tattoo as it’s easy to draw the line.